Vizio Co-Star LT lacks Google TV software

Vizio Co-Star LT

Vizio has recently unveiled a “lite” version of its Co-Star set-top box that doesn’t come with Google TV software. Rather, it’s more of a “pure Android box” that keeps all of the media streaming apps, plus Vizio Internet Apps (VIA) which is also available in Vizio’s 2013 step-up M-series TVs.

One cool feature of this platform is the second-screen support, which lets users search for and watch content on mobile devices.

Specs wise, the CoStar LT comes with an HDMI input and output, Wi-Fi, support for 3D and 1080p video, USB port, and the ability to control apps using a smartphone or tablet. However, it lacks Bluetooth and a wired Ethernet jack, both of which were present on the original Co-Star.

For the time being, Vizio will continue to offer both the Co-Star and Co-Star LT players. The Co-Star LT can be purchased now from Vizio’s website, and soon from several retailers like,,, and, and at Walmart stores. It costs $80.

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